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This Zine is a Tarot Deck - The Major Arcana

This Zine is a Tarot Deck - The Major Arcana

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Tarot cards have been around since the 1500s in one form or another. I've made a zine containing specifically the Major Arcana (the trump cards numbering 0-21 of 78). You can cut these out and read them as normal, or keep them in the zine to look over at your pleasure! I've included a foreword explaining briefly what each of these cards mean too!

Choose from A Teal, Pink or Yellow deck.

Each booklet contains 24 140x200mm, saddle stitched (stapled) pages with 2 tarot cards to cut out, printed on premium 120gsm paper stock (paper stock may vary slightly from images).

This artwork is copyright © Christopher Goggs and can't be reproduced without permission. Sale of this artwork does not transfer copyright to the buyer.
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